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Well, I am happy to report that after a couple weeks of using the Adoutput solution, it has worked beautifully and we made back the investment in a matter of days.

I understand the aversion of excessive pop-ups and some places abuse them but I also don't see the problem with one pop-up per session if it helps keep your favorite sites online. We implemented this solution and have not seen a drop-off in readership at all or heard any complaints. So from this experience, I don't think sites that are responsible with their pop-ups will have a negative effect with using pop-up blocker blockers. Of course, ones that use them to spawn multiple pop-ups will upset people but again, one pop-up per session won't upset too many people. (some will be upset regardless, but what will they think if most of their favorites sites go under because they are losing money?). As much as people hate pop-ups, they still seem to be clicking on them, thus the reason they are so popular and generate revenue. Until we reach the day where it is ok to go into a store, ripout the ads in a magazine (without paying for it), sit there and read it then leave, then I'm sorry but people will have to deal with a few popups if it will keep the sites they like to visit online.

Anyway, I thought I'd check in with our experience with this. The 15%-18% projection was right on the money. Good job to Sashman for a great solution to this problem.
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