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2. Automatically decline / delete sales comming from same IP adress.
This is not necessarily sound advice...

I was in the affiliate program/management business for years and I can tell you that major ISPs like AOL use proxy servers which mean that all of their millions of users appear to come from a relatively small number of IP addresses.

It's particularly frustrating dealing with those proxies and always kept us on our toes when it came to security. Some of the proxies pass through a client IP address in the headers (this helps) but its not always present. A lot of larger ISPs are going to proxy servers (which I absolutely detest both as a surfer and as a webmaster).

My real point is that if you automatically exclude duplicate IP's, you risk turning away good sales and good commissions and will lose affiliates and credibility. That should be a good "fraud detection flag" that you review regularly but be aware its not sufficient to merely block/decline all such transactions.

The good news is AOL publishes its PROXY IP ranges so you can make special rules to those, but AOL isn't the only signficantly sized player in this market.

And as 3G cellular data services come online, they almost all use proxy servers so you will see more and more of this as time goes.
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