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I appologize if this sounds like a self promotion.

There are quite a few sites who already do this and most have very sophisticated wysiwyg. That said, I'm actually in the process coding this solution for a company called Atrio for a product called CreateXchange. Their angle was to create a solution that generates print quality PDFs to deliver directly to printers, which nobody else online does. Both business cards and full brochures are in the works.

Currently, only administrators can place graphics on a template, but users are able to change all text aspects of a card. The idea being, that the card was chosen from among templates or a template was created for a corporation and when they want to do a brochure or business card run they come to the site and fill in what they want printed.

Atrio frequently does joint ventures to help defray development costs. If you are interested PM me or email me at sashman at and I'll put you in touch with them.

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