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Unhappy CGI Usage Necessitating Dedicated Server?

I am currently using a CGI script called WebAdverts to rotate banners on my sites, and I am somewhat concerned about server processor usage, and at what traffic levels this might become a problem.

On one site (, considering the use of CPM networks on many pages (with defaults redirected to WebAdverts), a very vague estimate would be that WebAdverts is handling an average of approximately two banners per page view. That site is currently averaging a little over a thousand page views/day, and thus, about two-thousand impressions/day served via WebAdverts. I am considering adding some more CGI to shuffle lists of text ads in the "Directory" section (since the item at the top tends to get clicked the most), along with rotating the Amazon individual book items.

The site is mostly text, so bandwith isn't likely to be a major issue without a lot more traffic, and right now it only takes up maybe 12 MB of space. I am currently paying under US$20/month on a shared server (I don't know how many other sites are on there.)

Does anybody have any idea what traffic levels are safe with this situation? At what point will I be at risk for seriously annoying the hosting company?

I figure that, eventually, as the traffic grows, I will have to switch to a dedicated server. I don't want to spend that kind of money before it is really necessary, but I do see a need to plan ahead.

If I were to get on a dedicated server, I would want to move a few of my other, lower-traffic sites onto it, as well, which would hopefully somewhat mitigate the price difference. I don't plan on needing MySQL or PHP, and would go with Unix/Linux.

Any advice or comments would be most appreciated. Thanks...

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