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Smile This is so sweet :)

I get lots of lovely email, but this I found very touching.

"Dear Jan,

I am the editor of a children's newspaper on the island of Cyprus.
Started 2 years ago Kid's Corner is owned and opperated by a small group of teachers who wish to encourage children to read and learn outside the classroom.

Recently while researching our December edition, Christmas around the world, we came across your web site. We would very much like permission to use your picture of Santa running into the ocean in our newspaper. Of course we will give the illustrator (you?) and your website full credit and mention in the paper.

I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you in the near future."

When I consider how naive I was as a kid, that everyone in the world spoke the same language as me, I think this is great! The Europeans (at least) have been teaching kids English from around age 10 for many years.

But to be teaching them the different cultures (like how Christmas celebrations differ), I think is wonderful!

I remember as a little one, wondering why Christmas cards had snow on them, when it doesn't snow at Christmas!

Anyway, just thought I would share that with my geek family

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