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Please carefully read this entire document before you post. Adverrtising anywhere on the geek/talk Forums is prohibited. Trafic exstraction anywhere on the geek/talk Forums is prohibited.

Your topic post must be a perfect and 100% pure fit in this Forum. You are trading a link on your site for a link on another site. No other considerations, goods, or services are required or involved.

If your post doesen't fit this requirement, please Click here to learn more and purchase your advertisement.

This Barter/Trade Links Forum is the only place on geek/talk to post your offers to trade/barter links with other members. Please follow these rules/procedures:

1. A single free post every 30 days
2. Combine all your offers into a single post
3. Edit your original post if your offer changes. If the edit period has expired, please contact us via our BB Feedback Form and only this form. Supply your edits. We will be happy to insert them.
4. Do not "push/bump" your own topic
5. Do not insert your own offer in another members topic
6. Your offer and responce must be 100% trade/barter links
7. Do not respond to your own topic to change the terms
8. Do not combine offers like I need andvertisers + a link swap
9. Reciprocal Links Generators, Link Farms, Off-Site Link Services, Top Sites, and Banner Exchanges are forbidden.
10. Your Topic post must include the URL of your site. No adult sites please. Only mainstream sites.

All posts in this Forum will be closely examined for compliance with these rules and our BB Rules and BB Posting Guide. Please do not insult our inteligence with attempts to subvert the letter and spirit of our procedures. We reserve the right to deleate any post for any reason.

If you need advice or have questions, please only use our BB Feedback Form before you post.

Please note, any post which violates these procedures will result in our immediate and permanent "Abuse" procedures. We do not issue warnings.


Thousands of very knowledgeable Publishers/Merchants will see your post every day. The Barter/Trade of Links has produced millions of page views. This Forum is one of the premier resources for an honest and ethical exchange of links. With these facts in mind please:

1. Avoid wild claims. Our Community won't be impressed and you are unlikely to "fool" anyone.
2. Subdued and straightforward short copy works best.
3. Place your email/contact address in your original post. Visitors can't view your profile.
4. Insure that your member profile is properly completed via the Member Control Panel
5. All posts must contain ALL the details necessary to make an informed decision in your initial post. Posts which use a site link for details are never acceptable. Posts which strive to extract traffic from this BB are never acceptable.
6. Please exercise caution and good judgment before entering into any barter/trade of links. These transactions may have legal and tax implications. We suggest you consult with your attorney and or accountant before you engage in this type of transaction.
7. Use the Print Link at the bottom of your Topic to insure you have a permanent record of your offer.

Good luck.

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