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Default Be Free introduces the Acclaim Program.

Dear Affiliate Partner:
You may have heard about Be Free's plans to launch a new program to give you better tools to evaluate programs available on To help you determine if a particular program is in line with your needs and preferences, Be Free has developed the Acclaim Program.

Be Free has surveyed a variety of affiliate partners and done research to determine the key factors that contribute to a successful partner-merchant relationship. From this research we have determined best practices for merchants and rolled these practices into criteria that you can use to evaluate programs. The Acclaim Program will help you identify programs that meet partner-friendly criteria such as monthly payment cycles, timely payment within each cycle, responsive affiliate partner support practices and much more.

How the Acclaim program works: Be Free will be reviewing all merchant programs available on the FastApp against this set of required criteria, and will be rewarding programs that meet the criteria with an Acclamation Point. Programs meeting the criteria will be highlighted on the FastApp and in the generic area of with the Acclamation Point, so that you can easily recognize them. Programs that do not meet the criteria will remain on the FastApp without the Acclamation Point. Brand new programs will be designated and given a period of four months to ramp up before being evaluated for the Acclaim Program. Each month Be Free will send an Acclaim Status Update e-mail message listing all of the merchants that have changed their Acclaim Status in the past month.

It may be challenging for some programs to meet all of the Acclaim criteria right away. Acclaim is intended to show a high level of achievement across many criteria. Only those programs that meet all Acclaim standards will receive the Acclamation point. For example, one of the requirements for receiving an Acclamation Point is to provide monthly payments. You may find a number of programs, even some popular ones recognized as quality programs, do not receive an Acclamation Point because they pay quarterly. Because of this and other similar factors, many quality programs may not qualify. However, Be Free will be working with all of its customers on an ongoing basis to help them enhance their programs and eventually meet these criteria.

This program will officially launch in September but we wanted to give you this preview to let you know what is coming. We will keep you posted on the details as we get closer to the date.

Stay tuned!

The Be Free Team
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