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Thumbs up CMG Enterprise Banner Network: $0.25 CPM

I just applied to CMG Enterprise Banner Network ( and got accepted within half a day.

They are a CPM network that pays $0.25 CPM, with 100% sellout rate (they may take 10% of the banners for their own purposes). They allow one of their 468x60 banners to be displayed per page. They do not accept pornographic, illegal or contraversial sites. Although they are a CPM network, banners do not have to be placed on the top of the fold, and other advertisers' banners can be on the same page. They pay net 45.

This company seems to have some relationship with Amazing Media (AM is mentioned on their Policy page).

Well, I've had their ads up for half a day now, and things look good so far. I haven't observed any undercounting, and my stats indeed show $0.25 CPM. If they actually pay me, then this will be great! (I can't believe I'm saying that $0.25 CPM is great...)
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