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Thanks for the nice comments!

zMan - I sympathesize with less affluent geeks, but unfortunately for them I live in an expensive western country, so need to match my company's income to it's expenses.

Basically I have sweated blood to write this, and spent several hundred hours doing it. So I am not prepared to give it away as there is otherwise no return for all that effort. I feel that at the current price of $9.95, I am practically giving it away anyway

BUT What I will do is offer this -
- for those geek/talk members who
(a) read + liked the book
(b) have their own domain
(c) can accept CCs
(d) agree to T&Cs which are not very demanding, but I will mail you.
(e) i feel comfortable with - this is my decision, and is fuzzy. Do not be offended if I say no - it depends on how well i know you from other contact or from your posts here.

I am prepared to allow these geeks to resell the E-Book from their web sites, royalty free (i.e. you keep ALL the money from their sales), until 31st October 2000. After that date, the geek can switch to the affiliate program or can negotiate a new agreement with me.

Do NOT buy the book simply to resell it. If you do this, you fail test (e) immediately. I only want to work with people who genuinely are interested in the subject + content of the book, and feel it has some inherent value.

If you are interested, e-mail me at, including your full name, URLs, + geek nickname

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