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Question Engage & Adtegrity "problem"


My site is currently using Engage & Adtegrity for bannerserving.. The problem is that Adtegrity don't have any "defaults" which allows me to redirect to another company, and Engage does not support Rich Media as redirects ( therefore I can't use Adtegrity as redirects from Engage )..

How are you people working around this problem? Which network should I try to join in order to get Engage at the top and Adtegrity at the "bottom" with a network in between which support Rich Media redirects so that I can use that serve Adtegrity banners...

So, all in all, I need to join a network capable of serving Rich Media banners as redirects for Adtegrity, while that network itself is used as redirects from Engage..

The problem is that I don't know what network(s) to try to join. That's where you come in

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