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I would be cautious of them. Senac had been a member of Burst Media, but Burst has recently been tossing sites that don't abide by their rules, and Senac is no longer a member -- read whatever into that that you want.

Burst has rules about putting ads on sites that you don't personally control, and if Senac was using Burst as a source of ads, that would be a reason to toss them from Burst.

Senac is definitely using Flycast to serve the ads on its site, so I can't believe that it is selling much itself. I've never heard of any of the big or medium ad companies piggybacking off another ad company -- for example, Burst doesn't pull ads from Flycast when it needs ads. So if Senac is really relying on mid-tier ad companies like Flycast and Adflight to get its revenue, and they then pass along ads to its content providers at a markdown, I would think that is a very risky business plan. When times are good, everyone is happy, but when times are bad, they can't deliver enough paying ads and they won't have money to pay their affiliates to whom they guarantee CPM rates.

I suspect that guaranteed CPM is sort of like "unlimited transfer" -- you're guaranteed until you start using too much.

Just my opinion.


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