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Question Recommendations sought + my opinion of Engage

I had been using Engage Media (formerly Flycast until a merger) as my primary ad provider. I complained to them about their ads automatically opening new pages was answered with our site's dismissal from their program. Coincidentally, (maybe) the next day Engage Media's stock fell to $1 per share. For us Engage had been good for $200 - $400 per month. That is for our 150K to 300K ad impressions per mo. (Engage also was a very quick pay)

Looking to replace Engage, I read this forum and studied's recommendations, so I am trying out In the first few days the results are less than encouraging. Certainly not the amount I was used to from Engage.

My site gets decent traffic as alluded to above. The audience is segmented into interest groups. Overall my audience is more women than men and youngish.

I'd like to replace Engage. I am not limiting my thinking to just banner ads (I think people are becoming oblivious to them). So any and all suggestions for revenue sources are greatly appreciated.

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