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Smile Flycast Finishes it's move to Engage

Dear Valued Publisher,

As you know, in April of this year, Andover, MA-based Engage, Inc. purchased
Adsmart and Flycast from their parent company, CMGI. Today, I'm very excited
and pleased to announce to you, our Publisher partners, the official launch
of the new Engage Media, the New Formula for Online Media Success.

If you were not able to join us in May for the Engage Media Partnership
Summits, you have not been formally introduced to the new Engage, Inc., and
more specifically, Engage Media. Whether you originally partnered with the
Adsmart or Flycast I want to welcome you to the Engage Media family of

This is exciting news for Flycast and Adsmart! As with all big news comes
change. I'd like to take this opportunity to share with you the changes
Engage Media is making to help build the most powerful online marketing
solution for marketers, and, in turn, generate the highest possible revenues
for you, our valued Publisher.

New Products
Engage Media will package and sell your banner inventory in more ways than
any other online advertising network through innovative targeting solutions
(audience-profile buys) and powerful optimization technologies (ensuring
advertisers are getting the best possible results from your inventory). In
addition to traditional Cost per Click buys (CPC) and Run of Network buys
(RON), marketers can also purchase inventory via Targeted Content
Categories, Sponsorships, Site Specific Branding, and profile-based
campaigns -- targeting your users based on Engage Media's database of their
online behavior.

Not all sites match all solutions. For example, Site Specific Branding
advertisers require sites with a strong offline brand and over 2.5MM page
impressions per month. However, ALL Engage Media publishers are open to
audience-profile campaigns and Targeted Content Categories, in addition to
the RON and CPC campaigns.

Beyond traditional banner inventory, Engage Media can create incremental
revenues and inventory for your site through our email newsletter and
eCommerce products.

Engage will evaluate your site to determine how to best package and
represent your inventory.

New Publisher Relations Team
Every Publisher in the Engage Media Network will have a dedicated Publisher
Consultant. This Publisher Consultant will be your central point of contact
for technical support, revenue and product consulting, and industry trends
and research. For example: you currently send out a newsletter to 5,000
subscribers weekly and you'd like to generate revenues from those
impressions. Your Publisher Consultant can set you up with free newsletter
delivery and ad revenues. Another benefit to your Publisher Consultant is
their industry knowledge. Curious as to where your performance compares to
other Sports sites? Your Publisher Consultant works with hundreds of
other Sports sites; he or she can bring you a bird's eye view of similar
publishers' metrics.

Of course, in addition to your Publisher Consultant, there is a bi-coastal
team of Publisher Consultants to help you with day-to-day operations issues
if you cannot reach your specific contact. Engage Media's new toll free
number, 1-877-U-ENGAGE, can connect you with a Publisher Consultant on
either coast.

Expect a "Hello" letter from your dedicated Publisher Consultant this month,
and don't hesitate to say "hi" right back.

Starting in July, your checks will be coming from Engage Media, not Flycast
or Adsmart. Additionally, all checks will be sent on a NET 60 basis.
This may be a new pay structure for you in that the waiting period has been
reduced. Faster payments and a new company name are two changes to look out

New Sales Team
Sales is now 140+ strong. The team has doubled - more feet on the street
talking about the new Engage Media and our expanded product offerings. The
best news? There is only 10% duplication across Adsmart and Flycast
advertisers. In other words, Publishers will automatically be available to
advertisers that were buying through a separate sales force pre-merger.
This is great news and can result in increased revenues almost instantly.

Have you checked out the new Publisher Extranet yet? (username: engagemedia, password: partner).
We wanted to provide you with a central place for Engage-related news and
information. We anticipate growing this extranet to serve your needs better
in the near future, so please send your Publisher Consultant your feedback
once you've had a chance to visit the area.

Apologies for such a long letter. But, there is a lot I'm excited about,
and want to make sure I share all the news and excitement with you. You are
the reason Engage Media has come so far. Without your partnership, the new
Engage Media would not be possible. I hope that you are as thrilled to be
a partner with Engage as we are to have your support. If you have any
questions, visit our site at or call your
Publisher Consultant.

Thank you!


Lyn Chitow Oakes
EVP, General Manager
Engage Media

The new formula for growing your site's success
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