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Default Canonical Tags in Google and Bing

Canonical Tags in Google and Bing
(1) Mass use of the canonical tag and
(2) Canonical tag pointing to itself in a same page.
How does each engine differ?
(1) - Google doesn't punish you if you are using the canonical tag on hundreds or thousands of your site pages,
- Bing says the tag is less to good.
(2)- Google doesn't care if you link a canonical tag to the same page (i.e. a redirect back to the redirect),
- Bing does and says don't do it.
Nick quotes Bing's Duane who wrote, "the rel=canonical is that it was never intended to appear across large numbers of pages" and "Its best to leave them [canonical tags] blank rather than point them at themselves."
Nick then quotes Google's Cutts and Ohye who say, "it doesn’t hurt to have this on every page of your site," and "it's absolutely okay to have a self-referential rel="canonical". "
For Example:
Add a rel="canonical" link to the <head> section of each HTML page.
<link rel="canonical" href="URL"/>
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