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Default Music while you work

Do you use music to put yourself in a productive mood?

It is widely accepted that music increases productivity. Executives and creative professionals who listen to music say it reduces stress and maximizes their energy and focus. Music also changes your mood. You can use music to keep up your morale and productivity in difficult circumstances. It痴 not easy to maintain a positive outlook at work these days with heavy workloads and widespread layoffs. Stay upbeat despite the stress and breeze through the workday. Music not only lifts you out of negativity, it creates a bubble of sanity in which you can perform at your peak.

I like to pair music to my energy level and the task at hand. In the morning, I知 reviewing my projects and deciding what I want to accomplish. I like a quiet environment and keep the music sweet and slow. I listen to instrumental arrangements with bells that send part of my mind to the backstreets of Kyoto. The music clears my mind of distractions before I settle into working on a project.

When I知 at my computer, I hardly notice the music, but I'm receptive to the mood it conveys. When I知 jamming under a deadline, I like traditional Celtic music with lots of fiddles. I instantly feel happy and unstoppable, like I've had a double shot of espresso. Sometimes I知 in the mood for Briand Adams, which is my favorite singer.

In the afternoon -when I知 planning, scheduling and processing email- I switch to Rimsky-Korsakov, Philip Glass or music embellished with arias like Beethovens's Moonlight Sonata.

What about you, what kind of music do you listen while you are working?
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