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Arrow More link love for the Media and your reading pleasure...

Exactly Scott!

It seems that Bradley is no stranger to the legal system and has a propensity to SUE!

Along with her action against Google and Yahoo which the media reported, I present to you more "link love" on some of Bradleys other former legal actions. All of which were dismissed and all of which she used/filed:

"IN FORMA PAUPERIS - Lat. 'in the form of a pauper.' Someone who is without the funds to pursue the normal costs of a lawsuit or criminal defense. Upon the court's granting of this status the person is entitled to waiver of normal costs and/or appointment of counsel" Link love which shows 9 cases and her address of record:

P.O. Box 14241
North Palm Beach FL 33408-0241

The Florida Supreme Court Docket link:

Thoughts: As others have pointed out, these litigants are very dangerous to all of us and in my view it's important to discuss these issues in great detail. We also help the "media" and they in return are kind enough to return "link love" to us. These kinds of "frivolous lawsuits" drive up costs which all of us pay. Naturally, it's up to the judge weather this G case proceedes and the burden of proof is with Bradley. However, if I were Google, I would try and find a legal measure/law which would permit me to SUE HER and make an example of this kind of "frivolous lawsuit". Then pump up the PR/Media machine and make sure this action gets lots and lots of "ink"

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