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I E-Mailed her and here's her reply...
Be advised that Google, Inc. provided no means or methods to preview
advertisers prior to placement on my site and no TOS alternative method
for review.

Google, Inc. provided no means or method to review advertisers after placing advertisers on my site but to click the hyperlink on my site and no TOS alternative method for review.

Google, Inc. provided no alternatives but to click to open each site to determine if it was acceptable to me at ANY TIME and no TOS alternative method for review.

Further, Google, Inc. did not remove the advertisers that I designated to be removed.

More importantly read the Amended Complaint as Google, Inc. AFTER receipt of the Complaint then went into my private e-Mail account by electronic intrusion and removed any and all communications between myself and Google, Inc. concerning the matter. This is an electronic invasion of privacy and an
INTENTIONAL destruction of evidence. I wish I had never heard of Google, Inc.
and Google AdSense.

With regards to the quality of my site, be advised that I am a Psychologist, formerly a Forensic Psychologist working for the criminal justice system Competency to Stand Trial. If and when you obtain the education and
professional esteem to be appointed by the criminal justice system to perform
Competency Evaluations, including one case where a 23 year Defendant allegedly robbed, raped, and slit the throat of a 92 year old white woman, then do please criticize my own efforts at Web Development as a change of pace.

I am currently enjoying classes in DreamWeaver, Web Development, Adobe CS2. If I choose to create my own site, I shall do so. No doubt with continued training in these Web Development Classes, my site will improve greatly.
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