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Default Valueclick/Fastclick virus

I got a couple complaints today from people saying they got a virus from one of my sites. At first I thought it must just be them because I only have Fastclick ads on the site.

When I got to work tonight. I work for a Large Telco, and we also develope virus sortware for our 65,000,000 users, and our work computers are super secure due to the fact we work with government agencies and banks.

when I went to the site I imediatly got a slew of virus warning, from our own software, and then Nortan almost exploded loading all the various warnings and the 8 different things it has to Quarantine.

I can't figure out exactly which ad it is in the admin interface. I know the exact URL of it. but the ad it's self is just one of the many generic 468x60shaking "You won the hourly prize" ads. Seen the ad a billion times but never had a problem before today.

I emailed support about it, so hopefully it get fixed sometime soon
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