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Default Don't forget to protect your business. If not it'll be destroyed.

If you're a newbie, e-marketer or owner of a website
running a business on the internet, i think like me,
the questions which turn around your mind are:

what niche market to target,
how to promote sucessfully your products,
how to generate massive commissions
or make dramatically sales,
how to get target visitors to your website,

I agree with you.

But, please don't forget this:

Before starting any business online,
you ought to have this legal documents
on your website to protect yourself
and your business:

1.Privacy Policy
2.Terms of Use & Disclaimer
3.Affiliate Agreement
(If you run an affiliate program)
4.No-Spam Agreement
5.Copyright Notice
6.Earnings Disclaimer

If not, your entire business could be
destroyed today. :-)

As your business and websites are seen
by more and more people everyday,
it only becomes more and more risky
to not be legal and protected!

Now, have a look at these legal documents:

-> Privacy Policy
This essential document indicates how you collect and use
information about your visitors, without it you are opened to
problems from visitors and from Federal Government
Enforcement Agencies like the Federal Trade Commission.

-> Terms of Use & Disclaimer
This document protects you in that it limits your
responsibility to the users of your website. Without it,
your website could be shot down in an instant!

-> Affiliate Agreement
If you run an affiliate program through, this form is
ideal. Allows you to set the terms your affiliates must
follow when advertising and selling your products!

-> No-Spam Agreement
This essential legal document protects you against possible
spam abuse and accusations and ensure you in compliance
with the latest Can-Spam laws.

-> Copyright Notice
Protects your content and graphics by outlining how
visitors are allowed to use them. Without this you may
find your content and profits being stolen from you, you
simply cannot be without this simple addition to your site!

-> Earnings Disclaimer
This is a must have document if you sell marketing
information or 'How to Make Money' programs, or even just
if you run an affiliate program! One famous internet
marketer could have used one of these before the FTC shut
down his operations a few years ago!

In conclusion, it very important to
Take 5 min to generate and upload these legal documents, and
continue with your business knowing you are protected and in
full compliance with internet law!

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