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Default Rotating ads across several sites ?

Hi every knowledgable seniors here.

I've look all over the web, forum,tutorial here n there but still unable to find the exact guide! Ok..I try to explain what I'm trying to do...getting much headaches in this :-
1. I'm planning to get a reseller hosting account to host all my sites under 1admin panel(mainsite's admin panel) to simplified my tasks. The other sites will be set to use the main site's nameserver/IP. (eg,
- mainsite (main admin panel)
- site1,
- site2,
- on

2. Then, I join 3ads network and get accepted. eg:-
- ads1,
- ads2,
- ads3.
(let's shorten the name and use these so I'll be clearer...apology cause I'm losing my direction here )

3. So, having these ads network code, I would like to rotate these ads1/2/3 across these sites with single admin panel from the main site. Eg.:-
- mainsite - display and rotating ads1, ads2, ads3
- site1 - also displaying and rotating ads1, ads2, ads3
- site2 - same as above
- site3 - same as above..and so on.

4. When visitor arrive to any of the sites, the ads rotation will be like in sequence of:-
- homepage - ads1
- 2nd page view - ads2
- 3rd page view - so on.

5. At the moment, I would only host all my sites in the reseller account. But does not rule out the possiblilities of getting paying customers in future. . And of course I wouldn't be displaying ads in their sites!

6. In order to seperate and manage such situation of mixed hosting type, I clearly need some applications to manage it. I've looked, searched..and found these 2applications (phpadsnew and iPanel). Both of them need "Mod_Layout to be installed on "root" or something like that, but I could get my host to help me in this.

7. So now, phpadsnew is more towards ads rotating, which suit my situation...but is it only applicable to 1site ads rotating only or could administer several sites in my situation? (I'm having hard time to digest the 75pages documentation ) If you've experience using it, could you kindly guide me on this particular area?

8. While for iPanel, it is more towards having the control of administering "my sites" and "paid account" (correct me if I'm wrong). It also could have straight forward or "Forced Ads" which in the sense help me to display ads across several sites with single admin panel. But I think it is unable to "rotate Ads" (Dear iHostDev, correct me if I'm wrong, my sincere apology).
- Their site
I tried to ask them about the documentation or guide but they replied that the guide is "not to be viewable for public" which I agreed as they need to protect their interest too). However, I didn't get a clear indication of "Yes" or "No" answer as to "Ads Rotating" part. (Maybe I didn't post a correct question...this my fault! I'll try to ask them again.)

9. ...this is where I'm stuck and lost my direction!

To sum it up, using my mainsite, I would like to have rotating ads for my own sites, while at the same time do not display any ads for other paying account. I believe there should be a way to achive this if not how those "big" sites going to maximize their ads earning??!!

My question :- How should I go about it?

nooby james

pheewww...I finally manage to compose this long post!! it tooks me almost 45minutes to get this post done up! My apology if I posted in wrong section.
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