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Thank you for appreciation and your valuable time for reading the above article and your reply.

I completely agree with you.
Overall I just add that its the time to translate the Old school marketing wisdom (the traditional form) to contemporary and mainstream marketing strategy.
I think its most essential part to understand the problems and challenges the consumer usually face in their business and how they could use the product or service to address them by meeting their opportunities and objectives. We can empathize with them and can articulate consumers view points and perspectives. It is the prime responsibility and objectives for the publisher/company to synthesize and prioritize across consumers needs by way of balancing them with their capability and translating it to the technical advancement in more significant way.

The real satisfaction and rewards of winning in the marketplace is to seeing the product or service address to a consumers problem or need better than any competing solution are incomparable.

Product management brings the customer to the equation and at the mainstream. I remember one quote from an entrepreneur;
If I can get product management focused on identifying market problems and representing the customers to the company, then the company can be saved.


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