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Default Orion Holtby - Part 2

I know this topic has come up before, but it never seems to lead anywhere.......And i know that maybe it could all be a case of 'sorry i have been too busy to return calls'.......BUT!!!

I really need any 'new' information on Orion Holtby.

On that point, here are some companies that he is definately involved with:

These 2 appear on a 'who is' of the above sites, so he may be involved

All the telephone numbers listed on all sites ALL relay to the same answering service on the East coast............And guess what??? He never replies, if he owes you money!!!

On that point, i know of a number of webmasters and a number of webforums that all mention this guy.....All with the same question....'Where's my money???'

And YES!!! He owes me as well....not a few hundred, or a few thousand, but A LOT!!!!

So......a few action points here!!!!
How do i/we go about getting money from this guy - who has had a similiar problem in the past and what is the best course of action?

How do we stop this from happening again???
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