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I don't think it is Spence that is univeral about it. I think
he is just voicing the concern of surfer joe/jane.
The visitors seem really turned off on popups because
many many webmasters abuse them. One popup
should be enough, but fifeteen will get your attention
real quick. A normal surfer does not like popups but
can stand one. But they will have a real problem with
spawning pops and thus webmaster abuse helps share
the blame for the peeps wanting them banned.

Surfers don't know what it costs to run a web site or
that it takes you a lot of time, effort, and that someone
has to pay the bills and eat. They are just surfing looking
for a good time, information, companionship, or something
specific to buy. They would not see the popup companies
as the bad guy should one block them from a site, they
would see the website as an unfriendly one... It depends
on your web site function and goals if this would be a
plus or not, but on my site it would be a negative.
I would not like the day where every other web site I
visited failed to load just because I used a certain isp.

Technology usually prevails and there are already innovative
ways to block popup software and direct them to optimized
advertising pages within your site constructed for beating
filters of many types. The pop up companies will come up with
a new and improved way of altering content and the webmasters
will come back with a patch, and so on, and so on...

I am trying to find other ways to make my web sites less
dependent on site advertising and at least balance it better.

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