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It's even worse than the idea of popup blockers, it's like ripping down billboard advertisements on your way to rob the bank.

I could see some lawsuits springing up over this one and I hope it happens soon.

Blocking pops is one thing but defacing a site's code to block banner ads and other ad types altogether is too far.
I agree, we don't want to be doing this for free. That's why we have advertisements. We put the money into domain names and hosting, and need something in return. And we're providing a service.

There was a company sued over their blocking of television ads, so I can imagine there'll be the same thing from a few hundred thousand webmasters.

You simple cannot stop this. And honestly, I don't care as long as microstoft does not start blocking all ads on the web in internet explorer. People that buy/download adblockers are not liking your ads anyway so it's useless to force them to look at ads on your site. They'll only be more annoyed.
Now, the thing is: we want to break even--maybe even profit. This is like those businesses that display their ads on that one street in newyork. It's illegal to destroy those, and this is the same. It's online vandalism, and webmasters around the world are getting a nice big kick in the nuts from corperations.
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