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Default Re: Re: payment

Originally posted by Gumyeelo1

But you guys have almost no inventory at the single popup section; I am only getting like 1/10 of the counts.

We have plenty of Inventory at the single pop section; in fact we are quite diverse. However I don't think inventory is the issue but reporting might be. Send me your username I will be happy to find out what the issue is. 1/10 seems absurd!

There are however may be reason why Publisher's counts don't jive with ours.

Here are some examples:

* We currently pay for US traffic only. If you are sending in a majority of International traffic, it is not accounted for.

* Third party ad server counts impressions as your page loads or is redirected; Exit Fuel counts impressions when the POPUP has fully loaded.
* Surfers using popup blocking software
* Surfers closing the window before it loads
* JavaScript turned off

Send me your account, letís try and figure this thing out!

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