View Full Version : Popuptraffic Suggestions & error??

04-01-2001, 06:31 AM
Just started to use the popuptraffic code and it spawns 2 popups? same with pop beahind is this correct?

Also why dont Popuptraffic go like clickthrutraffic and have TARGETED popups for the site content thsi owuld make popup less obtrusive and more profit for SI

04-01-2001, 07:14 AM
I'm still seeing only a single popup appear.

Some of the reasons that PopupTraffic doesn't target its content to your audience:
1. Lack of direct advertisers - you'll notice that most PT popups promote sites owned by SI, such as Mousebucks.
2. SI's business model focuses on gains through low margin/high volume buys. Thus, rather than offer a premium rate and provide a program that is restrictive in which sites its accepts, and which works to target ads to particular sites, they deal in huge RON campaigns that are of general-interest to the surfing public. Related to this is point 3:
3. SI allows its members to place the same code on several sites, as long as each of these conforms to the program's terms and conditions. Since SI deals in small margins, they must keep their overheads down in order to remain profitable. As such, they can't afford to visit, approve and target every page that features their code.

This said, I'm sure that the SI team are at least considering movement in this direction, following from the success of the GoClick popunder program.

Who knows? We may see them release a pop* program in the near future that works in with TurboFind in a similar fashion to CTT, but this will likely be more restrictive that PT.

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