View Full Version : Brainfox.com's Search program, is it good??? (up to .10 per search.)

02-16-2001, 06:10 PM
Has anyone used Brainfox.com's affiliet program? it says...

::::Take advantage of our NEW HIGHER RATES, Earn up to $.10 per search + up to $200.00 for each advertiser refereed to the internet's ONLY $.001 pay per click search engine.

:::::Start earning $.06 per qualified click thru regardless of how many qualified searches your site produces, $.08 per qualified search if your site produces more than 10,000 qualified searches and $.10 per qualified search if your site produces more than 50,000 qualified searches.

I got 46 clickthroughs but the Revenue is listed as $0.00. I don't want to put there search up unless you actually make $$$ from them.

Notice they charge as little as $.001 for pay per click. I can't understand how they can pay that much per search and pay you $200 for each advertiser you get there. I got an account with them last September and put in $100.00, so I really started with $600.00 because of there promotion, and so far I've only got 76 clicks from the site listings, since September. I havn't even used up a PENNY of that!!!!!!!

I'm just looking for another search program to join since Search Traffic made up a rule that's not even listed in the 'Terms and conditions' page of just one search box per page, and I got room for two searches and one theme box per page.


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02-16-2001, 06:31 PM
Nintendo, the reason your clickthroughs have not been paid is due to the fact that Brainfox only pay on a second-page click. Thus, in order to receive revenue, your users must not only perform a search, but actually click on one of the search results. If they fail to do so, you earn nothing.

You can read more about Brainfox's program here:

The best all-round alternatives to SearchTraffic are AdSearches and SearchReferral. You may ba able to find a smaller program that suits you, also. A great place to start looking for this is torifan's SearchPrograms site:

Net-Ads - Webmaster Resource Center (http://www.net-ads.com)
iOnline Network (http://www.ionline.com.au)

02-16-2001, 06:52 PM
About adsearches do they let you use your own textlinks and searchboxes?

02-16-2001, 07:47 PM
::::You may be able to find a smaller program that suits you, also.

Actually I get about 1,500,000 hits a month combining all of my sites. I just like to try them out before adding them to any of my sites.

Thank you very much for that link!!

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02-16-2001, 08:19 PM
Kaiosama, AdSearches allow you to pre-populate your search boxes with whatever term you like, though you will receive greater payment if you use high-paying terms. And yes, they do also support text links (but only a few).

Nintendo, I wasn't insinuating that your site was small, but was instead suggesting that you may find the programs offered by smaller searchbox brokers better suited to your site. I do, however, recommend SearchTraffic and AdSearches over all others.

Net-Ads - Webmaster Resource Center (http://www.net-ads.com)
iOnline Network (http://www.ionline.com.au)

02-19-2001, 11:14 PM
As far as I have experienced, they do not pay, so it is not worth promoting them.
They do not recognize clicks, either.

02-19-2001, 11:22 PM
Brainfox ***** , i sent the over 500 clicks,
its really really hard to belive that not even 1 person didnt click on a search term after they searched, and i havnt heard of a person ever getting paid or anything from these guys... Something is up with them, so BEWARE

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