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Per Burstrom
02-09-2004, 11:49 AM
I am a co-owner of a small company running a successful web site. On our site, we have around 200 000 registered members (around 30 000 of them login during a two week period). We have around 400 000 pageviews/day on normal days - much more during our special events. To cover our expenses we are, besides the free membership, offering a subscription giving access to added features, better performance etc. We are not running any ads today, but we would like to start doing so. 80% of our visitors are from US, with UK, Canada and Australia covering most of the remaining 20%. The audience is roughly 50-50 divided between male and female (slightly more female) - and we also cover a wide age spectrum with a large part being adults. We can track demographics like age, gender and country - and we also have poll and survey systems we can run to get even more stats.

So to my question: anyone here who knows about any professional company (or individual) that works on a provision basis to maximize the income from ads on a site like ours (simply put, selling campaigns for us). We are not interested in running $0.1 CPM ads, instead we believe we could get much more from targeted campaigns - which we are in a good position to run given our good knowledge about our audience. We are NOT interested in running ads for porn, drugs, etc - our visitors are very important to us. We have a lot of good ideas for sponsored events, and how to use our site for different ads in a good way, as well as what markets we could target. We are also very strong on creating both specific functionality and nice graphics if needed. However, we don't know where to start to get these nice ad campaigns!

Thanks in advance!

02-09-2004, 12:44 PM
A few suggestions:

1) AdSense - this will target campaigns to your key words and audience automatically. Many people use it and do well with it (myself included). If your traffic is high enough in level you can be in their "special" program.

2) Tribal Fusion - They run a lot of focussed ads on highly targetted audiences.

I'm sure others will point out several more income sources for you. ;)


Per Burstrom
02-09-2004, 02:03 PM
Thanks ZRide, I'll give both AdSense and TribalFusion a try.

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