View Full Version : How do I get search engines to list my NEW URL?

01-07-2002, 11:43 AM
I've had a site up for a couple of years now and it's gotten a repsectable listing under it's old URL (http://russianblues.addr.com)

When the .info extensions were available, I changed it to www.russianblue.info and kept it on the same server. Every website that I contacted who had it as a link has changed it.

Problem is getting search engines (esp. Yahoo and Google) to list the new URL. I've resubmitted with a note that they already have this indexed but with the old URL. Is there something that I need to do differently? Help, please - eventually I may want to move this site, but until it is indexed correctly, I don't dare move it!


01-07-2002, 12:26 PM
Do you have a page currently on the old URL stating that you have changed URLs? Make sure you have one of these and that it links to the new URL. That is the best way for google to find it. I would suggest you hand submit to the other search engines.

For the directories, you will need to submit a request for a change. Please be sure to let them know that the old URL will be closed by a certain date and then they will be getting a 404 error. This tends to wake them up. No one wants a 404 in thier directory.

Keep in mind that it can take a while for the new site to be indexed and the URLs to be changed in the directoris. I know it is a pain, but that is the way it is.

Good luck,


01-07-2002, 05:29 PM
I see that your site is mostly static HTML
If that is true then updating two sites and having one as a mirror might even be a good idea.
Also you can set redirection code on all pages.

On the same time start to promote the new URL and when you are sutesfide close the old one.

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