View Full Version : clickXchange - Will it ever get good merchants?

08-13-2001, 06:31 AM
Commission Junction has ended its click programs, and ClickTrade [which has no click programs] is shutting down.

Still, I have seen no rush of good merchants to clickXchange. Is CXC destined to be little more than a 1 cent a click and repackaged leads offerer?

I have long been a supporter because it seems to work so well operationally. Like nearly all offfer aggregators, it has terrible referral banners and linked-to pages so it is difficult to get referrals. I haven't signed up a single referral.

Any thoughts? Anyone doing well with it?

08-13-2001, 08:00 AM

I have the impression that many "merchants" are there with CXC just for free visibility. Seldom to see a serious merchant offering serious rates.

All the best,


08-13-2001, 10:18 AM

I have 2 programs at CxC and you will be paid :

www.boovietoons.com : for entertainment/humor sites, $0.07 per lead = subscription to the newsletter (subscription form on main page + exit popup). No confirmation needed. Just the email to enter.

www.aliassoftware.com : $0.03 per click but you must have webmaster traffic and produce results (sales) to keep this rate.

Other members of this board have also programs there.

08-13-2001, 11:59 AM

Thanks. But we are still talking about very low rates.
$ O.07 per subscription (though unconfirmed) and $0.03 per click. Maybe those rates more suitable for high traffic sites.

For small-medium targeted sites you can't make much on such rates. Therefore I'm on programs which pay per sales or per confirmed leads.

Once again, many thanks gallery.


08-13-2001, 05:36 PM
I have a program on there as well, paying $0.25 cents a lead for my site, http://www.crazyfunpages.com

just search for humor to find it.

Edited it to fix URL.


08-14-2001, 04:13 AM
I prefer to give realistic rates. I will never lower my rates unlike many programs that pay a lot to attract affiliates and then start lowering them.

$ 0.07 per unconfirmed lead is better than $0.15 per confirmed lead where you are asked to enter your name, personal info ...

I have also a pay per sale at www.aliassoftware.com

What Dave is offering : $0.25 per unconfirmed lead is nice but in my opinion is way too much for a humor site unless the conversion is not great.

Good luck with your prog Dave :-)

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