View Full Version : Traffic4Sure raises..err... lowers the bar

09-23-2002, 03:24 PM
I dunno if this is a new problem or not, but it is for me...

..about an hour ago, I was literally assaulted with pop-up advertising while doing a little surfing during lunch at work while using IE 5.5. I am talking about an assault that would be scummy even by porn standards. I thought I should warn you guys and tell you what little bit I know...

I was visiting a favorite bandsite of mine which uses a third party software for their message board. I'm used to getting about 2 pop-ups a page, which I don't like but I do tolerate. I was suddenly bombarded with a pop-up every couple of seconds, that eventually forced me to reboot.

Upon rebooting, I re-entered Explorer, and the same thing began happening immediately. Again, I was forced to reboot.

This time, I right clicked on my Explorer to check my homepage. Yup it had been changed to :


(I added BADSITE in front of the url, so hopefully no one accidently goes there).

Anywho, I once again began surfing and, within 2 minutes, it happened AGAIN.

Long and short of it, I logged on using another computer, and searched Groups.Google.com to solve me problem. Fortunately, the fix works.

I renamed 2 files called hbar.html and hb.reg in my c:\winnt\system32\ directory, as well as added znext.com, errorpage404.com, and traffic4sure.com to my restricted sites list in Explorer. Everything is working now, though I'm sure there's still some issues I need to resolve (as the darn thing seems to have changed my registry). Anyway, I have saved the files as .txt files on my site if you would like to investigate them. Any help on fixing my registry would be greatly appreciated. :) The filenames are :

http://delist.com/badhb.txt (was hb.reg)
http://delist.com/badhbar.txt (was hbar.html -- I replaced all the > with gt; and < with lt; so it wouldn't invoke your browser)

Anyway, I just thought I'd warn you guys that this thing is UGLY. It appears to be popping up on decent, non-porn sites, almost certainly without the knowledge of the site serving it. I'm sure I'll get the old, "You should use a virus scanner and get all of the most recent Microsoft updates" lecture, but hey, I'm just a hapless employee here. :) Anyway, be on the lookout....


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