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09-16-2002, 01:38 AM
Just a thought for today...

In reading about scumware, it seems that some sponsors may contractually prohibit their affiliates from participating in scumware to promote publisher sites featuring said sponsors. Much like the usual rules against sending spam to promote a site featuring affiliate sponsors.

So I am adding a note to the privacy policies of all of my sites (I wrote up a boilerplate text that I just paste in), specifying that I will never promote the site via scumware.

Basically, this just confirms that I will never buy campaigns on scumware providers in an effort to promote sponsor-oriented mini-sites, resource lists, etc.

Since some sponsors/networks [b]require/b] a privacy policy, perhaps this will help to assure them that they are dealing with a professional/quality/ethical site/publisher.

I suggest that everyone do the same...

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