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08-09-2002, 12:20 PM
Hello there ,

Its been awhile since i applied for membership and have only just been accepted :) , now what did i sign up for ? hmmm .

Oh yeh , i recently found 3 files on my c: drive that shouldent have been there , and they looked quite worrying . The files names were Dialler Dload and Log , i did a check on them with properties and found a company name that appeared a few times , so i e-mailed to ask why they were on my computer , To my surprise the response was that i had been browsing a site called cyberotica and the files were downloaded from there site , and would switch your connection to there premium rate number on connection to there site . Now i have looked up the time that file was placed on my c: drive and checked in temp folder for cookies etc to see if i could marry the two things to-gether , i found 3 cookies from the exact time and none were from a site called cyberotica , the 1st cookie was from a url link some-one placed in a forum that i am a member of and things went on from there , what happened in-betwen is that a small pop-up appeared and there was some kind of y/n option and i dident read it , i clicked the X to get rid of it . I think pressing the X option installed the files on my drive .

All the files originated from a company called www.coulomb.co.uk and http://www.netdialers.com/
I did e-mail them twice and got replys twice , but he wouldent listen to me aboit not accually visiting this site . I have zipped the files up out of harms way .

Anyway thats my story hope it has been understanable . Thanks for reading . Gordon (worried)

08-10-2002, 05:12 AM
Hi Gordon, welcome to geek/talk :wave:

These auto diallers are becoming a little too prevalent for my liking. There are certain *free hosts* that prey upon kids who have no credit card to get paid hosting and are desperate to get their site up. These kids don't read the TOS, so don't know that the way the host remains free is having this autodialler.

One such example is http://******host.com/
What We Offer..

100% Free - no small print
Free content including exclusive live shows
True unlimited disk space
True unlimited bandwidth
True unlimited file size
We welcome any file type - Video, MP3, Images, Text, Zips etc.
FTP access
Absolutely NO banners, buttons, pop-ups or ads of any sort
Domain hosting
Template money-making sites
24/7 online statistical revenue reports
Accurate ontime payment
Customer support
Webmaster and Promotion tools
Back office with dozens of servers, multiple OC-12 pipes and so much more...
How You Get Paid?

The entire system in protected by a Dialer
A Dialer requires no credit card from the user
It requires no registration
It is totally anonymous
It grants immediate access to content
The dialer works in 230 countries
It works in 8 major languages
Users pay directly through their Telco provider
A dialer is a client that logs-in to the web through a premium number
The system accepts BOTH dial-up users and fixed-connection users (LAN/ADSL...)
We keep track of all the minutes generated by your users
These minutes are continuously reported on the always-available stats page
The more traffic you send to your site, the more content you have, the higher the quality of this content - the more minutes you can expect from your users
You will be paid once per month by check/wire (depending on amount)
You will also make revenues for posting on your site any of our approved content providers ads
Your compensation will increase when sales break the 2000 minutes per day mark
This is probably even worse scum than the overlay ads, because parents suddenly get a bill for $1000s


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