View Full Version : Anti-Scumware Ideas?

07-23-2002, 02:02 AM
Honestly, I will admit that I don't know much about the technical details of scumware. However, it seems that it only works with the user/visitor downloading some software/executable which involves a Web browser plug-in. Which, during normal surfing, contacts the scumware company's servers to insert the "contextual" ads into whatever HTML document has just been requested.

So I am wondering... Does scumware act as a local proxy? (Apparently some ad-blockers act this way.)

Say, the user types, "XYZ.com" into their Web browser, which then internally makes that request to the proxy on their machine (e.g. the scumware), then the scumware sends out the HTTP reqest over the 'Net, along with an ad-request to its owner. Then the site being visited sends back the normal HTML page to the scumare app, which the scumware combines with its owner's ads, and then sends the combined document to the visitor's Web browser.

Perhaps this might involve the scumware sending a non-standard "User-Agent" ID to the normal site when requesting the page?

Thus, perhaps a publisher could set up a script to look for that "User-Agent" ID, and redirect people with it to some kind of error stating, "You are using ABC scumware - Please uninstall it - Here is a link for instructions."

Any ideas or thoughts on this? (Or even explainations of why I am wrong on this)???


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