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04-16-2002, 11:36 PM
I'm subscribed to download.com's download dispatch, so I don't have a page to point to, so here it is.

Dirty downloads
There's been a lot of hysteria around bundled adware lurking in the software we download. Here's something even more insidious. I was surfing the Web for songs about Coatimundi (don't ask) when I mistyped a URL into my browser. Instead of a "server not found" message, it actually found a site corresponding to the bad address I had typed. That site expanded to cover my screen, and then the onslaught of pop-ups began. As fast as they would appear, I would shut them down, but they kept coming.

I was ready to give up and dive under my desk when the last pop-up disappeared. My sigh of relief was interrupted by a Windows dialog box asking me if I was ready to accept software from Gator. This wasn't simply a faked-up browser window but a bona fide Windows dialog, though I hadn't clicked any download links. This latest adware trick initiates a download for you from a pop-up, and in a frenzy of shutting down pop-ups you might accidentally click the OK button. What do you think of self-downloading adware? Let me know at edit@download.com.

Thanks again for your many responses to last week's question about deleting .NET Passport accounts. You'll find a sampling of responses at the end of this dispatch.

Wayne Cunningham
Features Editor, CNET Download.com

04-17-2002, 03:27 AM
yuky stuff :)

I just hit this little trick for the first time.

The little devils with their zillons of pops figured out a way to attack my keyboard. Press Alt to get to F4 and guess what, another pop which won't let me use the Alt key.

Hello Task Manager of win2k and byby pops by the dozens.

04-17-2002, 04:11 AM
I had one of these a few weeks ago, they were full screen so nowhere to close them, I hit control alt del so many times that the computer should have restarted, but millions more showed. I had no choice but to shut the computer off. This was doing a site review at another BB :eek:

I can't see how they could make money out of it as none of those popups fully loaded. A VERY dirty trick!


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