View Full Version : popup scumware in my browser

04-08-2002, 04:48 AM
some code was added to my computer I think it's running in task manager, got it off some website by mistake said yes on the signature thing/download thing. What it does is popups a few popup windows every couple of minutes, I think originally sites like yahoo or clickquick were doing these popups but turns out it was this program running in the background, so what should I do, if I know what the name of the program is in the task manager, how can I go about finding out where the program is on the computer or how it gets called on the startup of the computer? Thanks.

04-08-2002, 07:32 PM
If you ctrl-alt-del and see what it is that is running I or one of us would more than likely be able to help. Short of that I would suggest downloading Ad-Aware from lavasoft.


04-12-2002, 10:22 PM
I got rid of it finally I believe. Very sneaky program adware and bhodemon could not deactivate it, the only way to deactivate it is to find out what application it is, I used bhodemon.exe to tell me what it was it was from smartpop(s) I went to their website they stated how to get rid of it in control panel/add/remove programs funny they call it Network Essentials (and NE in the task manager) so NOBODY would even think that its scumware software and even if you disabled NE from not showing up in the task manager it would still popup. And I did a search on the search engine on smartpop and notice a lot of freeware software people download and install never bother to read the privacy policy of the website which states that they embeded the smartpop software with the program when you install it. What annoys me is when you install an application like that it doesn't even ask you if you want smartpops or not they forcefully install it on your system which I think should considered to be illegal. Nonetheless that smartpops company is becoming so darn popular their #17 in the internet neilsons which ticks me off, they force **** in peoples screen and because of it they're now very popular.

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