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09-10-2001, 04:08 PM
Hi Folks

Whatever you wish to call it, I can assure you its still there. Predatory advertising, "scumware", "TheftWare" etc..

Unfortunately, it seems that the geeks here have lost interest in the subject. Take a look at this forum which looks like a desert ;)

At the same time I have noticed dynamic traffic on the Make Money forum.

Should we understand that webmasters interesting in making money out of their sites don't care to see thieves stealing their traffic and revenues?

Can you afford that on the long run?

All the best,


09-10-2001, 07:45 PM
Interesting point. I get about one email a week like the following from my stopscum.com site. This one came from a baby site:

"My web site is a family site that is childrens surf rated.
Meaning that saftey software for children will not block
my site. Also on my site I have a baby contest which
states no nude or semi-nude photos allowed and I also
have a *** offender registry. This Top Text links words
on my site to pornographic sites. Shouldn't this in itself
enable a lawsuit for providing inappropriate material to
minors? Couldn't G Rated sites band together in a lawsuit
using this criteria to have it stopped. The least they
should do is have an opt out choice!"

Each Community is a bit different. Iv'e never felt it my role to tell members what to do or even try and lead a charge up the hill. To do so would be very presumptious on my part. Suggest, sure. You bet. Diversity is great. You geeks are the brightest and smartest around. I do respect the others that have a more formal plan of organization, as long as their ego doesn't get in the way and they comply with COPPA. I'm also very patient in these issues and understand that this will be a long fight.

:) :vpeace:

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