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09-07-2001, 05:41 PM
Spedia sent a message to its members in early February offering them to download Surf+ and get paid $10 for doing so, + $1 for each friend they referred. (I hope this is not a repost)

Get $10 to download Surf+
Get $1 for each person you refer

No more annoying pop-ups! No more annoying pop-ups, or just allow those from the sites that you specify and with the properties that you select.
Controll your browser cookies. Block all outgoing cookies or just those to domains of your choice.
Convert useful keywords into links. EasyLink gives you one-click access to offers and information that are related to what you're reading.

For more information on Surf+, please visit http://www.spedia.net/surfplus/s_help.htm
If you have any questions, or need personal assistance, email us at surfplussupport@spedia.net

Best Regards,

Spedia Team

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