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08-26-2001, 11:35 AM
Hello Everyone! I'd like to introduce myself around here:

First, my name is Roxanne and like most folks around here, I am a programmer, web designer, business owner, and all around net "geek."

I started my business in 1984 as a programmer and in 1996 my husband left his "outside" job to join my company. Yeah, we work back to back in a home office and after 5 years of it, we still married and both alive. :D

I am a "do-er," not a talker and I am possessed to DO something about this nightmare. I have talked to attorneys (some of the best in this field) and I have mailed, emailed, and called anyone and everyone who I think can help us from Senators to attorneys to major news stations.

In reference to the attorneys, I think we can hold out hope in this arena, but I don't think we can sit back and hope the legal field is our salvation. If you think about this, you'll come to a simple conclusion -- Napster has been in the courts for a long time, Napster was shut down and forced into a different business model by the courts. And what happened?

Well, here's what happened -- we're here today discussing KaZaa and iMesh *because* of the Napster lawsuit. When it was decided that the Napster business model wouldn't work, geeks came up with a different model....and they are named TopText, Surf+, Gator and all the rest we don't even know about yet.

I don't think we can count on the courts for help. While I have no doubt that these practices will be found to be illegal, I also have no doubt that another geek somewhere will come up with another. This is a war we can't win with one or two cases. Sure we can will the battle against ezula and filemix; but the war will wage for a long time to come.

So where do we go? How do we win the war?

First, we have to devise a battle plan; one all can agree to wage. Below are my thoughts:

First and foremost, we need tools. The best tool we could have is from Microsoft; a tool to allow us to detect (and deny) plug-ins that are in use in a browser; any and ALL plug-ins in use by the visitor's browser. Then, based on those plug-ins, the web site owner can choose to allow or deny access to *their* content. Then we ask for the same tools from Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, all the rest...

Second, we need to enable *all* webmasters to DO, and not talk. I propose we form a protest -- an International Take Down the Content Day -- where all content providers show the world what the web will be without our content. 24 hours of only advertising and search engines.

I'm ready to DO. We need to form a TO DO list as a group; and to prepare for the war; not one battle.

I'm ready...I'm willing..and I'm able. Discussion? Volunteers?


08-26-2001, 08:51 PM
Please join the Webmasters United Against Scum at Once DNS is refreshed (usually within 24-48 hours) you can access the site at http://www.wuas.org

This website is not for profit and dedicated to the use of Webmasters United Against Scum. At this site, you may sign up for any number of tasks that need to be completed to keep this battle going; such as:

Displaying a logo and link to stop the scum
Writing and disseminating press releases
Helping to maintain the web site
Tracking and disseminating Breaking News
Becoming involved in Legal Remedies
Contacting and persuading advertisers not to use this model
Promoting User Awareness of KaZaa, iMesh and Gator users
Contacting politicians and legislators to get the word out
Providing scripts, programs and tech support for folks who need help on their sites
Taking screenshots of the scum
Asking browser manufacturers for tools to stop scumware
Making donations for a legal fund

As you can see, there's something to do for any and all talents. Please get involved, visit the page and register.

I need folks to volunteer for Project Leader for each group; someone who can lead the specific project and keep the volunteers notified of progress and action (I'll give you access to an email script so you can notify all your volunteers in minutes.)

Drop by and volunteer your specific talent to the cause.


08-28-2001, 11:45 AM
Hello RoxanneJ

Welcome to the Forum and BB :)

I have taken your two posts and split them into this new thread. The views number is funky but I hope it helps.

Natch, I wish you the very best with your efforts. Just an idea, members might be interested in exactly how this issue has impacted you. Kinda like what you told me on the phone. With as many gory details as you wish.

This brings the issue to a level that everyone can understand and gives it punch and emotion. Much the same tactic as what Bill said in this thread:



08-28-2001, 09:14 PM
Sorry my post isn't remotley productive, but how does this thread have over 3,000 views?

08-28-2001, 11:33 PM
As Steve said above " I have taken your two posts and split them into this new thread. The views number is funky but I hope it helps. "

RoxanneJ had her post in one of the other threads and Steve moved it so people would see it :)

Oh and Hi Roxanne!!! :wave:

08-29-2001, 05:01 PM
Hi Jan, Everyone! Nice welcome!

In response to Steve's points, scum and it's problems affect me in many ways.

I've worked hard (like all of you have) to create and maintain a content rich hobbyist site of over 250 pages. Our site has been named Best of the Web in Horticulture by Time Magazine; as well as Best of the Web by industry (gardening) magazines, and is listed as an Educational Resource in National Databases.

We made an early decision not to go the banner display/affiliate program route and have never done any of this. Our visitors (more than 50,000 per month) are all hard won, arriving by word of mouth and/or personal recommendation.

Now, I'm doing battle with theives who would whisk my visitors off my site into areas which may not be appropriate for them. The theives make it appear that I have endorsed these links and incorporate them as a part of my site.

Many students, from grammar school to college levels use our site as a research resource. The actions of the theives have put my reputation at risk.

While I was initially screaming "copyright violations" I have reached the conclusion that the real harm comes from deception by the theives. I have established a relationship with my visitor on the site, and most have arrived because we were highly recommended by someone. By whisking my visitor off the site, the theives have confused my visitor by "branding" their tactic to me.

It's no different than the domain name squatters -- once I have "created" a brand, your interference with that brand, via deceptive practices, creates great harm to my business. Another example is the rogue who created paypai.com and passed it off as paypal.com. There's no difference here. The theives have piggybacked on *my* reputation and brand.

This is equivalent to me standing in the garden section of Home Depot, passing out cards and telling all those plant buyers mine are better and they should come buy mine. How long would it take for Home Depot to have me carted off to jail?

My good name and business reputation are being defamed by the theives using unfair trade practices. Aren't yours as well?


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