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08-27-2001, 02:30 PM
Can the vBulletin technolagist aka php/MySql geeks make the following work:

It's kinda like the last10.php add on but on steriods:

A group of mainstream/PG sites which all have vBulletin 2.x and posts in Forums which deal with the issue of fighting Contextaul Advertising. Lets call this "the ring"

Each site in the "ring" can somehow display ALL the Topic Titles on an html page via the SSI tag. So a visitor goes to your page and they see every topic title from every site in the ring with clickable links via a new window.

I will be happy to provide the server, another license if required, and all the bandwidth necessary to make this work.

I think this idea has merit for the following reasons:

1) Media and surfers can go to their favorite site and see every thread on the issue which could be a huge selection. Significantly larger than any one community could ever provide.

2) It's a "pure" and a colabrative effort. Devoid of egoes and agendas. It's also honest, ethical, responsable, and legal.

Don't hesitate to take this post and place it anywhere you want with suitable attribution.

vB Mods?
SitePoint Mentors?
and all concerned vBulletin users?

If you use UBB or another BB script then I encourage you to do the same thing. Adult sites could form their own ring as well. I really don't wan't to get hung up over self serving and ego laden comments about how "you" can lead the movement and or "you" are responsable for the great results "we" have already had. The technolagist are the critical first step. If they can't or won't do this then the other stuff is "moot"

A bit harsh am I? You bet. Some of the stuff I see on other sites makes me wan't to "puke" BTW, this idea should and must include "Merchants" who run vB.

08-30-2001, 03:06 PM

Have not had much time to stop in lately so I never saw this thread. I think it is a great idea, there are some great discussions going on at Vboards all over the net. Have you had any private response of any kind as far as somebody to write it?


08-30-2001, 03:34 PM

Unfortunetly Iv'e had no responce. Zilch! Unless a kind sole steps forward soon, I'm going to pay for this custom work out of my own funds. Then when the exspenses add up to a few thousand and Iv'e demonstrated to others my monetary commitment to the cause, I will take contributions to recoup these costs.

Fortunetly, Iv'e already had very kind offers from a few folks to contribute.

09-05-2001, 09:59 PM
use the top10.php whatever you have on your sites main page for just this catoegry .. a php to read mysql data for this...

then supply iframe and ilayer code so any site can embded into their site the most freqwuaklty posted/or news posted whatever the php decides to show :)

SSI would be great but remember that SSI is only on server side files cannot get from someplace else .. so the best soltution would be iframe/ilayer methods :)

09-05-2001, 10:02 PM
if you want multiple sites .. you can use the phpnulke method of gathering news if you are aware of it .. you can gather the php from each site it provids put it into ONE pakageable php and then iframe*/ilayer it

like could get the top 1 for each site or whatever depends what you want the script to do .. but if you need examples of such methods phpnuke is a free opensource code and their news feeds show this.. also can be done with XML if anyone knows XML i think Sliv (searchidea.com owner moderator from gethighforums.com) has dealed with XML stuff.

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