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08-25-2001, 04:32 PM
:wave: all!

I thought I would pop in to say I think this board is doing a great job with fighting the current problem that we all face. Keep up the good work and sooner or later these barf+ products will be off the web for good.

Doug Heil

08-25-2001, 05:30 PM

Welcome to the Forum and BB :)

Let's not be bashfull with our first post </joke>

You folks are doing an outstanding job. I applaud and support your efforts.

Members, do yourself a flavor and visit Doug's fine Forums today at:


<Steve waves to Hope>

Join and post.

08-25-2001, 06:14 PM
Welcome to the forum Doug

As Steve said, Doug has an excellent forum. All g/t'ers should visit it too!

Incidentally I only discovered Doug's forum because of this eZula/Surf+ thing - so that's one positive result of this whole mess :)

Also - in case you didn't know - Doug features in this MSNBC story: http://www.msnbc.com/news/618966.asp?0si=-

08-25-2001, 07:47 PM
aw shucks guys, you are too good to me.

I also just discovered your forums because of this mess. Good to know that communities can work together to reach a goal. This common goal just happens to be a major one that all of us have a stake in.

Kudus to all of you!

Thanks for the very warm welcome.

08-25-2001, 07:50 PM
welcome Doug :wave:

08-27-2001, 12:56 PM
Steve and Doug,

Had I know that neither of you knew each others forums existed, I would have been happy to tell you sooner. We really didn't need all this scumware to bring us together. I would have been happy to introduces you. :angel:

08-27-2001, 02:05 PM

Please please don't feel bad about this. I appreciate your fine efforts and those of Doug and his/your fine community. That's what matters most to me. Thats what will always matter most to me :)

For the record, Iv'e always had an open door policy for other high quality Webmaster centric communities and the posting of same on geek/talk.

Good luck to all!

08-27-2001, 02:05 PM
Thanks Hope. It was not necessary. :) Sometimes it simply takes something like this to bring like-minded sites and members together.

Not a problem at all. We are all making new friends now! :)

08-27-2001, 02:06 PM
sheesh, I see Steve and I are more like-minded than I thought. :)

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