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08-21-2001, 11:20 AM
Standard Internet (http://www.standardinternet.com/) jas joined the fight against SCUM! The following post was made on their BB (http://sictalk.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=7119) by Robert Mooney, CEO Standard Internet Corp. Thank you "Robert from SI" for stepping forward and joining the fight. I'm confident that this support from one of the largest Affiliate Programs (32K+ Publishers) on the Web will play a significant role in winning our fight. - Steve_S ~ Webmaster/Owner

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Very Important...Please read

As many of you are aware there have been a number of web browser "enhancements" released that are changing the content and advertising on your web pages without your knowledge or permission.

Many of these programs are being piggy backed on file sharing programs and surfers are unknowingly installing the software on their computers. These "ad hijacking" programs have the ability to place their own ads on top of your ads (Gator) , highlight text on your page turning it into an ad (eZula), pop competitors popups, and other deeds.

There is a wide spread movement to stop these programs from proliferating on the net. We all need to participate in this movement.

THIS IS YOUR FUTURE. If these programs become accepted all of your advertising dollars will be ****** away. You need to become active now. THEY ARE STEALING YOUR SURFERS.

There are a number of lenghtly and informative discussions going on at GeekVillage. I highly recommend that you, at the very least, read through them and participate if you see fit.
Click Here Now to Read the GeekVilliage forums on this topic. (

Standard Internet will be sending out an email to all of our affiliates urging them to take action. There are also a number of companies advertising thru these programs that are current or past clients of SI. I personally will be calling on them to explain the situation and how it negatively effects the small web publisher.

There are a number of websites which explain the situation in greater detail and offer tips on what you can do as a web publisher to keep these companies from stealing your surfers

In closing....I urge to to become active in this fight. If you sit idly by waiting for the other guy to do something you will see your income drop drastically.Click Here Now...Get Informed...Get Active... (

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