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11-13-2000, 05:20 PM
Hey, I'm doing a report type thing for school, so anybody that is a webmaster or internet entreprenuer type (should be a lot of the people here) that would like to fill this out, I'd appreciate it. (you can leave any blank that you don't feel like putting).

I. Name:

II. Name of Business (none if self employeed):
Job Title:
Salary Range:
Pay type: hourly/monthly/piece/other:

III. Work Schedule: Do you work only between the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM? If not, what other hours do you work?

IV. Environment: Is your work environment comfortable? Explain--hot/cold, indoors/outdoors, ect.?

V. Skills current job requires:

VI. Stress: Is your occupation mentally stressful? Please explain:

VII. Physically stressful: Do some aspects of your occupation stress you physically, such as the back, the wrists, eyes, ect.:

VIII. Have you changes occupations more than once since high school? Please expain why--that is have you changedj your vision of what you want in a job from when you graduated?

IX. Have you had additional education since high scholl? Please explain:

X. What high school courses do you wish you would have taken or at least paid closer attention to?

XI. What recommendations would you make to someone graduating from high school today?

XII. Co-workers attitudes: What is a major complaint about co-workers?

XIII. Anything else that you think is pertinent for me to know about the world of work?

Thanks to those that take a little time to fill this out.


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