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05-15-2000, 02:00 PM
I am starting a new site (surferbeware.com) about online saftey, privacy, anti-spam stuff... and need articles for it. If you have an article(that you wrote) that is relevant to the above, please submit it to tim@notboring.com and if it is approved I will put it up on my site, give you credit for it along with a link to your site(site must be suitable for children) by your name.

The site is not up yet, so there is zero traffic to it now, but I plan to advertise it in my newsletter, goto, banner exchanges, and my other sites, so you should be able to gain some sort of traffic from the article.

SiteWarp.com (http://www.sitewarp.com)
Webmaster Resource Center (http://www.notboring.com/wr/webmaster.htm) - All, no a few resources for your webmatering needs.

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