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05-02-2000, 11:02 PM
Hello members and visitors,

It gives me great pleasure to announce our first Moderated VIP geek/chat. This session will be held on Saturday, 5/20/00 at 6:30 PM (Pacific Standard Time, California, USA).

Our VIP is Chet Brzezinski, General Manager/President of Website Sponsors at http://www.websitesponsors.com This session is sure to be filled with valuable information, tips, and fun.

All of these Moderated VIP geek/chat sessions will require advance E-mail registration which includes a click back confirmation. On a given date and time the entire service will require a password to login. Please insure that you register early using your "real" E-mail address for security and reliability. These sessions are limited to 200 members.

Click here to register: http://www.geekvillage.com/chat.htm

Our next VIP is Alan Stein, CEO of Z Media at http://www.zmedia.com I am in the process of working out the final date and time for this session and will post same.

Please help us promote this service and our BB. A complete transcript of the geek/chat session will be posted on the BB and site for those that can't attend. A geek/chat Help and procedures document is also available for your reading pleasure at http://geekvillage.com/chat_help.htm

Respectfully yours,

Admin/Webmaster/Janitor/Tribal Chief
Register at: http://www.geekvillage.com/chat.htm
Help & procedures at: http://www.geekvillage.com/chat_help.htm

Best Regards,
Your Administrator
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