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12-19-1999, 02:38 PM

I would like to barter/trade your digital art skills in exchange for high quality web hosting on my dedicated server.

I need the following services performed on a continuing basis throughout the month for a minimum term of one year:

1) Numerous banners at various sizes in .gif/.jpg format
2) Art work in .gif/.jpg format

Please have an outstanding portfolio and completed client work that I may view. Please be deadline driven and provide reference. This barter/trade is for a minimum term of one year and extended by mutual consent.

In exchange for your services I will provide you with one year of hosting on my dedicated server. Your domain will be a "real" site which includes all the normal services such as cgi-bin, FTP rights, POP, e-mail alias, dump account, negotiable bandwidth allowance, negotiable storage allowance, and negotiable CPU ticks allowance and more. I do not host third parties under any circumstances so the speed of your site should be above average and the execution of any scripts you run should be significantly faster than most hosting companies. You will be responsible for paying the registration fees for your domain.

Please contact me privately at:


Best Regards,
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12-21-1999, 09:26 PM
Aprox how much bandwidth do you allow?


12-21-1999, 10:28 PM
That depends on many factors. The quality of the work delivered. Are deadlines met. The uniqueness of the art. The frequency with which new art is delivered. References and what my "gut" tells me.

The range is anywhere from 5gigs up per month. Sorry I can't be more specific. It just depends so if you or anyone you know is interested please contact me privately with alll the stuff I asked for. My post has already produced 5 canidates. Bandwidth is also metered on a daily basis. Another critical factor is CPU ticks as in how much of the CPU does a script or process grab. On this server I run a very complex process that is at least 400% faster on this box than it would be on a site on a serrver with another 400 domains or so like your typical web host.

I hope this helps.

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