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  1. Internet Explorer ScumWare
  2. Gator shuts affiliate program
  3. Spyware and Scumware Prevention?
  4. Strange with Hotbar
  5. What's up with LPE & Twisted Humor?
  6. Google running ads for Kazaa
  7. is this scumware?
  8. we should take some action against gator
  9. Gator snaps back
  10. funny article about gator
  11. Kazaa files counterclaim
  12. CNN article on gator
  13. Spyware leach
  14. any quick way to remove gator?
  15. spyware labs inc
  16. Can you see Pop-ups
  17. Xupiter Toolbar
  18. Parasite to parasite competition
  19. Gator causing me problems
  20. whenU, Gator make top 25 nielsen net ratings
  21. Be careful with cjb.net redirected URLs
  22. Companies that advertise via Gator
  23. Avenue A
  24. eUniverse using American patriotism to market scumware
  25. looking for this
  26. ValueClick joins the club
  27. IP Address Advertising
  28. They keep falling for Gator's toothy grin...
  29. Overstock SUES Gator & Whenu for maybe Millions!
  30. Court says Gator-style ads are legal
  31. Warning - Spyware Programs KILL affiliate cookies
  32. Strange things happening when trying to access CJ.
  33. Google.com problem
  34. What to do?!?
  35. SI Popping up Sneaky Full Page Kaaza Ads
  36. How do you define Scum???
  37. Help removing installed pop up generator
  38. Help me get rid of this please
  39. WhenU.com - What's the catch?
  40. TopText has me!
  41. "Scumware" & Contextual Targeting - Producing Advertising Results or Theft of Revenue
  42. WhenU prevails in scumware legal challenge
  43. Trying to get rid of spam poster
  44. Hotmail hijack
  45. Triple threat?
  46. Kazaa Gold. Is it scumware?
  47. Running away: Gator changes its brand
  48. Popnav.com
  49. comet cursor
  50. not sure if this is in the right forum...
  51. Spyware
  52. Troyans instead of popups
  53. Utah has: The Spyware Control Act
  54. AdSense Hijack - coolwebsearch to blame?
  55. One of GeekVillage's Affiliates is offering bogus software!
  56. Ever Hear of anything this crazy
  57. Spyware detection not effective
  58. JenniferShops
  59. Amazon.com
  60. Microsoft removes malware
  61. New Gator (Claria) advertising [Network] coming soon
  62. And the bizarre appointment of the week award goes to...
  63. Diagnosis?
  64. Tafmaster [ Intermix ] being sued by NY attorney General??
  65. New bill targets spyware profits
  66. Spyware fighters attracting big investors
  67. Anti-Scum Redirection
  68. House approves 2 anti-spyware bills
  69. Medium Risk Virus Alert
  70. Yahoo and Cisco team up on E-mail authentication
  71. Symantec takes Hotbar to court
  72. Mytob worms run phishing tactics
  73. Spyware predictions
  74. Spybot - Search & Destroy (New Version)
  75. Using Flash to silently subvert/undermine the deleation of cookies
  76. Spoofing flaw affects all major browsers
  77. What is spyware?
  78. Adware maker tries image makeover
  79. Microsoft's antispyware now ignores Claria (Gator)
  80. Attackers turning to fake online greeting cards
  81. Microsoft tinkers with anti-spyware tools
  82. Best spyware removal program
  83. Get paid to find security bugs [Merged]
  84. Is Claria a spy?
  85. Advertising.com/John Ferber and SpyBlast
  86. 180solutions (Adware maker) sues distributors
  87. Is Yahoo funding spyware?
  88. Court orders Kazza to stop pirates
  89. anyone else getting a winfixer popup from GV?
  90. Beware of PremiumSearch
  91. Firefox promotional site hacked again
  92. $40,000 paid to security bug finders
  93. Grokster downloading service shuts down
  94. $100 millon adware business shut by FTC
  95. Websense Security Alerts
  96. 30gigs.com aka MSX Security
  97. Fake anti-spyware sellers fined 2 million dollars
  98. Consumer group files complaint against 'adware' firm
  99. DirectRevenue / Better Internet Spyware Firms SLAMED by the courts!
  100. Sites exploiting IE spyware bug - Working on fix
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