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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please DO NOT refresh this page. Please insure that ALL your data is entered in the appropriate fields BEFORE you click the Submit button.

If you have questions or comments about our Forums or your Membership please use this form. All fields require data. Please insure that you provide DETAILS of your issue. This Form is the ONLY communication procedure we will accept or use. Please do not send us email on these issues.

Multiple submissions of this form for any reason is a violation of our TOS and BB Rules. In these cases, we have a non response policy and will immediately file Abuse complaints with your ISP, hosting companies, and you are permanently banned from our geek/talk Forums.

Submitted forms which lack adequate details are deleted and we do not respond. We have captured your IP number of:

Please allow a minimum of 3 business days for a response. This is computed from our location in San Diego, California, USA and not yours. Business days are defined as Monday through Friday. Thank you.

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Please Note: ANY Abuse of this Form is a violation of our TOS & BB Rules

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