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Dialtone Internet Review

Welcome to our Dialtone Internet dedicated servers review. Don't hesitate to ask about any of the Dialtone dedicated plans in our Web Hosting Forum. Then, please use our link at the top or bottom of this page to purchase your Dialtone Internet dedicated server.

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Dialtone Internet Review - by Steve Shubitz

Dialtone Internet is a privately held company which specializes in reasonably priced dedicated servers. I have been a customer of Dialtone since August of 2000. and are both located on my Dialtone dedicated servers. I have found their upstream connection to be very fast and reliable. Uptime has been outstanding.

Dialtone provides several unique features for their line of dedicated servers which you aren't likely to find anywhere else.

1) Great support with outstanding documentation.

A GUI interface to your dedicated server. This eliminates the need to perform many complex tasks via Telnet. Binding an IP and setting up a site takes about 15 seconds. Most companies require a series of complex commands and procedures via Telnet.

3) A liberal and clearly disclosed bandwidth allowance.

4) A reasonably priced selection of dedicated server plans with powerful hardware.

5) No charge for as many IPs as you can use.

6) A reasonably priced one time fee policy for hardware upgrades. No additional monthly fees.

When I say great support I mean it. On April 3, 2001 I received a proactive email indicating that my server had experienced a hardware failure. A power supply had failed. The talented folks at the NOC brought my server and all the domains up in 1 hour and 38 minutes. Read a minute by minute chronicle of this outstanding support.

UPDATE: New IBM xSeries 330 - A very technical explanation from DI: is located on these new dedicated servers. Some folks may think that PFA only helps you out when it comes to hard drives. This is right on most systems, but not on the IBM x330 -- the x330 monitors system memory, fans, CPUs, power, etc. The majority of the main systems that can fail are monitored. I'm generally going to know before a failure happens that something is wrong. This is a good thing.

These boxes do more than just the PFA -- they let me know when, for some reason, the box isn't booting up. They let me know when power got cut, and when it got restored. They have a hardware watchdog built in -- there's no Linux driver yet though :( I imagine IBM will get to that soon though. The IBM's also have something called 'lightpath' -- if for some reason, the PFA subsystem doesn't (or couldn't) notice a problem before hand, and the box does go down, a little yellow LED on the front comes on that tells me there's been a hardware issue. I can pull off the top of the box, press a button on the motherboard, and an LED will light up next to the component that failed, even down to the specific memory module -- no more replacing sticks of RAM and trying to fix by process of elimination.

This is stuff that only IBM has right now -- mainly because it's technology the Intel server department "borrowed" from the mainframe department. These boxes are in the 'Enterprise' section for a reason -- they're targeted at businesses who need higher levels of availability that can be offered on white boxes. Without these features, problem solving is reactive. You can only solve a problem once it's already bit you. With these features, it starts moving into the proactive realm, where we can solve a good chunk of the problems before they start causing damage. ~ Thank you DI :) We are setting up one of these boxes for the future home of GeekVillage.

So what are you waiting for? Please use our link at the top or bottom of this page to purchase your Dialtone Internet dedicated server.

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